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  • Experimental feasibility of tailored porous media burners enabled via additive manufacturing PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE Sobhani, S., Muhunthan, P., Boigne, E., Mohaddes, D., Ihme, M. 2021; 38 (4): 6713-6722
  • Additive Manufacturing of Tailored Macroporous Ceramic Structures for High-Temperature Applications ADVANCED ENGINEERING MATERIALS Sobhani, S., Allan, S., Muhunthan, P., Boigne, E., Ihme, M. 2020
  • X-ray Computed Tomography for Flame-Structure Analysis of Laminar Premixed Flames. Combustion and flame Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Mohaddes, D., Wang, Q., Sobhani, S., Hinshaw, W., Ihme, M. 2019; 200: 142–54


    Quantitative X-ray computed tomography (XCT) diagnostics for reacting flows are developed and demonstrated in application to premixed flames in open and optically inaccessible geometries. A laboratory X-ray scanner is employed to investigate methane/air flames that were diluted with krypton as an inert radiodense tracer gas. Effects of acquisition rate and tracer gas concentration on the signal-to-noise ratio are examined. It is shown that statistically converged three-dimensional attenuation measurements can be obtained with limited impact from the tracer gas and within an acceptable acquisition time. Specific aspects of the tomographic reconstruction and the experimental procedure are examined, with particular emphasis on the quantification of experimental uncertainties. A method is developed to determine density and temperature from the X-ray attenuation measurements. These experiments are complemented by one- and multi-dimensional calculations to quantify the influence of krypton on the flame behavior. To demonstrate the merit of XCT for optically inaccessible flames, measurements of a complex flame geometry in a tubular confinement are performed. The use of a coflow to provide a uniform tracer-gas concentration is shown to improve the quantitative temperature evaluation. These measurements demonstrate the viability of XCT for flame-structure analysis and multi-dimensional temperature measurements using laboratory X-ray systems. Further opportunities for improving this diagnostic are discussed.

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  • X-ray computed tomography for flame-structure analysis of laminar premixed flames COMBUSTION AND FLAME Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Mohaddes, D., Wang, Q., Sobhani, S., Hinshaw, W., Ihme, M. 2019; 200: 142–54
  • Modulation of heat transfer for extended flame stabilization in porous media burners via topology gradation PROCEEDINGS OF THE COMBUSTION INSTITUTE Sobhani, S., Mohaddes, D., Boigne, E., Muhunthan, P., Ihme, M. 2019; 37 (4): 5697–5704