Service, Volunteer and Community Work

  • Simple Kindness (10/1/2004)

    The Simple Kindness organization was started by a group of friends who had a deep desire to share their blessing to others in need in our community. This idea was put forward by a group of people who wanted to give something back because we feel blessed by what we have. This singular wish and its fulfillment formed the basis for our group. In the year s that we have been together, we have developed a bond that enables us to be focused and committed to this cause. We involve our families in these events, because we also believe in being positive role models for our children.

    We collaborate with various non-profit organizations to support programs which positively impact human care issues in the community.

    Shelter Network of San Mateo
    Big Brothers Help for the Elderly
    Support for Families of Children with Disabilities
    Filipino-American Veterans Equity of San Francisco
    American Cancer Society – Relay for Life

    All of this was made possible through our various fundraising efforts throughout the year and the generosity of friends and relatives.


    San Mateo

  • San Francisco Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce - Board Member, San Francisco Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce


    San Francisco, CA