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  • CO2 Storage and Flow Capacity Measurements on Idealized Shales from Dynamic Breakthrough Experiments ENERGY & FUELS Aljamaan, H., Holmes, R., Vishal, V., Haghpanah, R., Wilcox, J., Kovscek, A. R. 2017; 31 (2): 1193-1207
  • Selection of shale preparation protocol and outgas procedures for applications in low-pressure analysis ENERGY & FUELS Holmes, R. T., Rupp, E., Vishal, V., Wilcox, J. 2017; 31 (9): 9043–9051
  • Methane and CO2 adsorption capacities of kerogen in the Eagle Ford shale from molecular simulation ACCOUNTS OF CHEMICAL RESEARCH Psarras, P., Holmes, R. T., Vishal, V., Wilcox, J. 2017; 50 (8): 1818–1828
  • Tunable Polyaniline-Based Porous Carbon with Ultrahigh Surface Area for CO2 Capture at Elevated Pressure ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS He, J., To, J. W., Psarras, P. C., Yan, H., Atkinson, T., Holmes, R. T., Nordlund, D., Bao, Z., Wilcox, J. 2016; 6 (14)
  • A 100% wind, water, sunlight (WWS) all-sector energy plan for Washington State RENEWABLE ENERGY Jacobson, M. Z., Delucchi, M. A., Bazouin, G., Dvorak, M. J., Arghandeh, R., Bauer, Z. A., Cotte, A., de Moor, G. M., Goldner, E. G., Heier, C., Holmes, R. T., Hughes, S. A., Jin, L., Kapadia, M., Menon, C., Mullendore, S. A., Paris, E. M., Provost, G. A., Romano, A. R., Srivastava, C., Vencill, T. A., Whitney, N. S., Yeskoo, T. W. 2016; 86: 75-88