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  • Cost modeling of photocatalytic decomposition of atmospheric methane and nitrous oxide ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH LETTERS Randall, R., Jackson, R. B., Majumdar, A. 2024; 19 (6)
  • Low-temperature carbon dioxide conversion via reverse water-gas shift thermochemical looping with supported iron oxide CELL REPORTS PHYSICAL SCIENCE Sun, E., Wan, G., Haribal, V., Gigantino, M., Marin-Quiros, S., Oh, J., Vailionis, A., Tong, A., Randall, R., Rojas, J., Gupta, R., Majumdar, A. 2023; 4 (9)
  • A semi-continuous process for co-production of CO2-free hydrogen and carbon nanotubes via methane pyrolysis CELL REPORTS PHYSICAL SCIENCE Sun, E., Zhai, S., Kim, D., Gigantino, M., Haribal, V., Dewey, O. S., Williams, S. M., Wan, G., Nelson, A., Marin-Quiros, S., Martis, J., Zhou, C., Oh, J., Randall, R., Kessler, M., Kong, D., Rojas, J., Tong, A., Xu, X., Huff, C., Pasquali, M., Gupta, R., Cargnello, M., Majumdar, A. 2023; 4 (4)
  • Iron-Poor Ferrites for Low-Temperature CO2 Conversion via Reverse Water-Gas Shift Thermochemical Looping ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING Rojas, J., Sun, E., Wan, G., Oh, J., Randall, R., Haribal, V., Jung, I., Gupta, R., Majumdar, A. 2022