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  • Terawatt-scale attosecond X-ray pulses from a cascaded superradiant free-electron laser NATURE PHOTONICS Franz, P., Li, S., Driver, T., Robles, R. R., Cesar, D., Isele, E., Guo, Z., Wang, J., Duris, J. P., Larsen, K., Glownia, J. M., Cheng, X., Hoffmann, M. C., Li, X., Lin, M., Kamalov, A., Obaid, R., Summers, A., Sudar, N., Thierstein, E., Zhang, Z., Kling, M. F., Huang, Z., Cryan, J. P., Marinelli, A. 2024
  • Experimental demonstration of attosecond pump-probe spectroscopy with an X-ray free-electron laser NATURE PHOTONICS Guo, Z., Driver, T., Beauvarlet, S., Cesar, D., Duris, J., Franz, P. L., Alexander, O., Bohler, D., Bostedt, C., Averbukh, V., Cheng, X., Dimauro, L. F., Doumy, G., Forbes, R., Gessner, O., Glownia, J. M., Isele, E., Kamalov, A., Larsen, K. A., Li, S., Li, X., Lin, M., Mccracken, G. A., Obaid, R., O'Neal, J. T., Robles, R. R., Rolles, D., Ruberti, M., Rudenko, A., Slaughter, D. S., Sudar, N. S., Thierstein, E., Tuthill, D., Ueda, K., Wang, E., Wang, A. L., Wang, J., Weber, T., Wolf, T. A., Young, L., Zhang, Z., Bucksbaum, P. H., Marangos, J. P., Kling, M. F., Huang, Z., Walter, P., Inhester, L., Berrah, N., Cryan, J. P., Marinelli, A. 2024
  • Fast modeling of regenerative amplifier free-electron lasers PHYSICAL REVIEW RESEARCH Robles, R. R., Halavanau, A., Marcus, G., Huang, Z. 2023; 5 (4)
  • Low-loss stable storage of 1.2 & ANGS; X-ray pulses in a 14 m Bragg cavity NATURE PHOTONICS Margraf, R., Robles, R., Halavanau, A., Kryzywinski, J., Li, K., MacArthur, J., Osaka, T., Sakdinawat, A., Sato, T., Sun, Y., Tamasaku, K., Huang, Z., Marcus, G., Zhu, D. 2023
  • Reconstruction of x-ray free-electron laser pulse duration and energy chirp from spectral intensity fluctuations PHYSICAL REVIEW ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS Robles, R. R., Halavanau, A., Cesar, D., Lutman, A., Stupakov, G. 2023; 26 (3)
  • X-ray Free Electron Laser Accelerator Lattice Design Using Laser-Assisted Bunch Compression APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL Xu, H., Anisimov, P. M., Carlsten, B. E., Duffy, L. D., Marksteiner, Q. R., Robles, R. R. 2023; 13 (4)
  • Experimental setup for high-resolution characterization of crystal optics for coherent X-ray beam applications. Journal of applied crystallography Halavanau, A., Margraf, R., Robles, R., MacArthur, J., Qu, Z., Marcus, G., Wu, J., Sato, T., Zhu, D., Takacs, C. J., Arthur, R., Kraynis, O., Johnson, B., Rabedeau, T. 2023; 56 (Pt 1): 155-159


    Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource serves a wide scientific community with its variety of X-ray capabilities. Recently, a wiggler X-ray source located at beamline 10-2 has been employed to perform high-resolution rocking curve imaging (RCI) of diamond and silicon crystals. X-ray RCI is invaluable for the development of upcoming cavity-based X-ray sources at SLAC, including the cavity-based X-ray free-electron laser and X-ray laser oscillator. In this paper, the RCI apparatus is described and experimental results are provided to validate its design. Future improvements of the setup are also discussed.

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  • Versatile, high brightness, cryogenic photoinjector electron source PHYSICAL REVIEW ACCELERATORS AND BEAMS Robles, R. R., Camacho, O., Fukasawa, A., Majernik, N., Rosenzweig, J. B. 2021; 24 (6)