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  • Multifunctional Spaceplates for Optical Aberration Correction ACS PHOTONICS Shao, Y., Lupoiu, R., Jiang, J., Zhou, Y., Milster, T. D., Fan, J. A. 2024
  • Atomically Precise Manufacturing of Silicon Electronics. ACS nano Pitters, J., Croshaw, J., Achal, R., Livadaru, L., Ng, S., Lupoiu, R., Chutora, T., Huff, T., Walus, K., Wolkow, R. A. 2024


    Atomically precise manufacturing (APM) is a key technique that involves the direct control of atoms in order to manufacture products or components of products. It has been developed most successfully using scanning probe methods and has received particular attention for developing atom scale electronics with a focus on silicon-based systems. This review captures the development of silicon atom-based electronics and is divided into several sections that will cover characterization and atom manipulation of silicon surfaces with scanning tunneling microscopy and atomic force microscopy, development of silicon dangling bonds as atomic quantum dots, creation of atom scale devices, and the wiring and packaging of those circuits. The review will also cover the advance of silicon dangling bond logic design and the progress of silicon quantum atomic designer (SiQAD) simulators. Finally, an outlook of APM and silicon atom electronics will be provided.

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  • High Speed Simulation and Freeform Optimization of Nanophotonic Devices with Physics-Augmented Deep Learning ACS PHOTONICS Chen, M., Lupoiu, R., Mao, C., Huang, D., Jiang, J., Lalanne, P., Fan, J. A. 2022
  • WaveY-Net: Physics-Augmented Deep Learning for High-Speed Electromagnetic Simulation and Optimization Chen, M., Lupoiu, R., Mao, C., Huang, D., Jiang, J., Lalanne, P., Fan, J. A., Chang-Hasnain, C. J., Fan, J. A., Zhou, W. SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2022

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  • MetaNet: a new paradigm for data sharing in photonics research OPTICS EXPRESS Jiang, J., Lupoiu, R., Wang, E. W., Sell, D., Hugonin, J., Lalanne, P., Fan, J. A. 2020; 28 (9): 13670–81


    Optimization methods are playing an increasingly important role in all facets of photonics engineering, from integrated photonics to free space diffractive optics. However, efforts in the photonics community to develop optimization algorithms remain uncoordinated, which has hindered proper benchmarking of design approaches and access to device designs based on optimization. We introduce MetaNet, an online database of photonic devices and design codes intended to promote coordination and collaboration within the photonics community. Using metagratings as a model system, we have uploaded over one hundred thousand device layouts to the database, as well as source code for implementations of local and global topology optimization methods. Further analyses of these large datasets allow the distribution of optimized devices to be visualized for a given optimization method. We expect that the coordinated research efforts enabled by MetaNet will expedite algorithm development for photonics design.

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  • SiQAD: A Design and Simulation Tool for Atomic Silicon Quantum Dot Circuits IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON NANOTECHNOLOGY Ng, S., Retallick, J., Chiu, H., Lupoiu, R., Livadaru, L., Huff, T., Rashidi, M., Vine, W., Dienel, T., Wolkow, R. A., Walus, K. 2020; 19: 137-146