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  • Three-Dimensional Stacked Neural Network Accelerator Architectures for AR/VR Applications IEEE MICRO Yang, L., Radway, R., Chen, Y., Wu, T., Liu, H., Ansari, E., Chandra, V., Mitra, S., Beigne, E. 2022; 42 (6): 116-124
  • CHIMERA: A 0.92-TOPS, 2.2-TOPS/W Edge AI Accelerator With 2-MByte On-Chip Foundry Resistive RAM for Efficient Training and Inference IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS Prabhu, K., Gural, A., Khan, Z. F., Radway, R. M., Giordano, M., Koul, K., Doshi, R., Kustin, J. W., Liu, T., Lopes, G. B., Turbiner, V., Khwa, W., Chih, Y., Chang, M., Lallement, G., Murmann, B., Mitra, S., Raina, P. 2022
  • RADAR: A Fast and Energy-Efficient Programming Technique for Multiple Bits-Per-Cell RRAM Arrays IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ELECTRON DEVICES Le, B. Q., Levy, A., Wu, T. F., Radway, R. M., Hsieh, E., Zheng, X., Nelson, M., Raina, P., Wong, H., Wong, S., Mitra, S. 2021; 68 (9): 4397-4403
  • Illusion of large on-chip memory by networked computing chips for neural network inference NATURE ELECTRONICS Radway, R. M., Bartolo, A., Jolly, P. C., Khan, Z. F., Le, B. Q., Tandon, P., Wu, T. F., Xin, Y., Vianello, E., Vivet, P., Nowak, E., Wong, H., Aly, M., Beigne, E., Wootters, M., Mitra, S. 2021