As a doctor and researcher, I am driven by curiosity and intrigued by the unknown. In the clinics, my days are filled with ‘real-life biology’ and the joy of interacting with the most pure and honest people in the world: children. In the research lab, my curiosity is driven by the complexity of the disease cancer and it’s microenvironment. I am an unbiased thinker and can easily adapt plans and ideas based on obtained data. My pro-active attitude and eye for detail helped me master multiple complex techniques, start collaborations, and push projects to the next level. In my view, combining fundamental & translational research is the way forward to find a cure for every child with cancer. My postdoctoral fellowship at Stanford University will therefore focus on the establishment of novel comprehensive organoid models for pediatric cancers.

Professional Education

  • Pediatrician, Utrecht University, Pediatrics (2020)
  • PhD, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Pediatric Hematology / Oncology Molecular Medicine (2017)
  • MD, Utrecht University, Medicine (2010)

Stanford Advisors

Graduate and Fellowship Programs

  • Pediatric Hem/Onc (Fellowship Program)