Ronak Shetty is a student at Stanford University with a background in Iberian and Latin American studies, Spanish and Portuguese language and culture, Italian studies, South Asian studies, education, technology, business strategy, marketing, politics, psychology, and public service. Ronak's experiences with his own non-profit ( combined with his publications and podcasts reflect his deep interest in world cultures, education, language, politics, and optimism for structural change. Furthermore, Ronak’s work experience at UC Berkeley Haas demonstrates his love and passion for teaching students to question the status quo and to innovate and create new solutions. At Stanford, Ronak continues to work with Aprendalo ESL and teaches Spanish and entrepreneurship at Curious Cardinals. Beyond this, Ronak engages in activities with Habla ESL, the Queer Resource Center, and the CA World Language Project. This earned him the Cardinal Service notation for integrating academic learning with public service. He was also selected to be a part of the Business Association of Stanford Entrepreneurial Students. His research focuses on Education, Iberian and Latin American cultures, and South Asian history with the Iberian Peninsula.

Life Quotes:

“Cuando una puerta se cierra, otra se abre.”
“When one door is closed, another is opened.”
-Miguel de Cervantes

“E quando il mondo ti schiaccia provaci anche tu. Tira fuori il bimbo che hai dentro, non nasconderlo più.”
“And when the world crushes you, take out the child you have inside of you, and don't hide it anymore.