Ronjon Nag first became a Stanford Distinguished Careers Institute Fellow in 2016, is currently a Visiting Fellow at the Stanford Center for the Study of Language and Information (CSLI) and teaches popular classes at the intersection of AI healthcare through Stanford Continuing Studies. He is a researcher on the future of intelligence and its impact on society as part of the Stanford Boundaries of Humanity Project ( He has deployed artificial intelligence systems for mobile devices over three decades, working on neural networks at Cambridge, where he received a PhD in engineering; at Stanford, where he was a Harkness Fellow in the Psychology Department; at MIT, where he received an MS, and at the University of Birmingham, UK where he received a BSc. He received the IET Mountbatten Medal at the Royal Institution for his contributions to the modern mobile phone industry. Companies he has co-founded or advised have been sold to Motorola, BlackBerry, where he held Vice-President positions, and Apple. He is currently an advisor, founder and on the boards of numerous high tech companies including Ecrio, Embee Mobile and GTCardio and he is President of the R42 Institute. Via his company Bounce Imaging where he is chairman, he was winner of the $1m Verizon Powerful Answers Award. He has numerous interests in the intersection of AI and Healthcare including advising companies such as HealX, and Oxford Drug Design on computational drug discovery.

He has many firsts including:


• First laptop with speech recognition built-in (with Apricot, 1984)
• First selling cursive handwriting recognition (with Lexicus, 1991)
• First speech recognition phones (with Lexicus/Motorola, 1996)
• First large-vocabulary Chinese speech recognition (with Lexicus/Motorola, 1996)
• First Chinese predictive text system on a phone (Lexicus/Motorola, 1997)
• First predictive text systems in 40 languages on Motorola phones, (Lexicus/Motorola, 1997)
• First touch screen mobile phone with handwriting recognition (Lexicus/Motorola, 1999)
• First combined mobile search engine and directory (with Cellmania, 2000)
• First private label downloadable operator billable apps store (Cellmania, 2000)
• First BlackBerry Operator Billing apps store (Cellmania,2010)
• First Neural Network Artificial Intelligence System in the Cloud (Ersatz Labs, 2014)
• First Throwable 360 Ball Camera (Bounce Imaging, 2015)
• First Android powered smart light switch (Brightswitch 2017)
• First blood pressure watch with temperature and pulse oximetry add-ons for Back to Work Covid Kit (GTCardio 2019)

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