I am a connoisseur of extraordinary gizmos & lover of fine cheeses. I only moonlight as a data nerd at Stanford University.

Current Role at Stanford

As a member of a team (Research Support Services) that leverages technology to accelerate and expand the scope of computational research, I thrive on investigating emerging technologies, new product offerings, and thinking strategically about how to apply these new capabilities to solve research challenges. My role of Research Analytics Consultant affords me the opportunity to work/consult with researchers, faculty, students, and staff in various disciplines on tasks such as computing, data harvesting, data processing, data visualizations, application development, and visualizations.

All Publications

  • Emerging clean energy technology investment trends. Comello, S., Bumpus, A. 2017


    This article written by A. Bumpus and S. Comello discusses Emerging clean energy technology investment trends. My contribution was cleansing, massaging and developing data analysis to support Bumpus and Comello's argument. Credited for work in acknowledgments.