Current Role at Stanford

As the Undergraduate Program Director for the School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences, I work with students and faculty to support undergraduate teaching and research and to promote our majors and programs throughout the University. I direct the Stanford Earth Summer Undergraduate Research program, which offers students the opportunity to spend their summer working on a faculty-mentored research project. I teach Earth 1 and Earth 100, and work with the all departments and programs in the school to ensure that we are providing outstanding preparation for careers and graduate education, as well as preparing our entire undergraduate population to make informed choices about issues related to climate, energy, the environment, and the Earth.

Academic Appointments

Professional Education

  • Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles, Geology (2011)
  • B.S., California Institute of Technology, Geology (2004)

All Publications

  • Gangdese arc detritus within the eastern Himalayan Neogene foreland basin: Implications for the Neogene evolution of the Yalu-Brahmaputra River system EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS Cina, S. E., Yin, A., Grove, M., Dubey, C. S., Shukla, D. P., Lovera, O. M., Kelty, T. K., Gehrels, G. E., Foster, D. A. 2009; 285 (1-2): 150-162