Sarah McShea has worked in the field of education since 2005 and has worked at Stanford University since 2009 in various roles managing programs, advising students and administering websites and social media. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from U.C. Berkeley in Sociology and a Master’s degree from San Francisco State in Education with a concentration in Equity and Social Justice.

She is the Program Manager for Community Engaged Learning and Research (CELR) at the Haas Center for Public Service. The CELR team supports faculty and students in connecting teaching and research to broader public concerns through service-learning courses, community-engaged internships, and community-based research.

Sarah joined the Haas Center in 2016. In her previous role at Stanford she managed the Approaching Stanford program at Undergraduate Advising and Research, supporting incoming freshmen and transfer students in their transition to the university. Prior to that, she had a student services role advising students in the Undergraduate Program in Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. She is passionate about supporting students from all backgrounds in higher education and about educational programming and innovation.

Current Role at Stanford

Community Engaged Learning and Research Program Manager