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  • Femtosecond-Terawatt Hard X-Ray Pulse Generation with Chirped Pulse Amplification on a Free Electron Laser. Physical review letters Li, H., MacArthur, J., Littleton, S., Dunne, M., Huang, Z., Zhu, D. 2022; 129 (21): 213901


    Advances of high intensity lasers have opened up the field of strong field physics and led to a broad range of technological applications. Recent x-ray laser sources and optics development makes it possible to obtain extremely high intensity and brightness at x-ray wavelengths. In this Letter, we present a system design that implements chirped pulse amplification for hard x-ray free electron lasers. Numerical modeling with realistic experimental parameters shows that near-transform-limit single-femtosecond hard x-ray laser pulses with peak power exceeding 1TW and brightness exceeding 4*10^{35}s^{-1}mm^{-2}mrad^{-2}0.1%bandwdith^{-1} can be consistently generated. Realization of such beam qualities is essential for establishing systematic and quantitative understanding of strong field x-ray physics and nonlinear x-ray optics phenomena.

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