At Stanford University School of Medicine, Seigo worked in NIH funded Clinical trials for a variety of neuropsychiatric disorder, and hands-on experience dealing data from neuroimaging methods such as fMRI, EEG, and 3D Neuro-navigation system. At UCSF School of Medicine, he has completed the internship program with the Center for Intelligent Imaging. As a part of Biomagnetic Imaging Lab and Speech Neuroscience Lab at UCSF School of Medicine, He has done data processing, Data QC, and analysis of MEG, fMRI data and several neuropsych scales such as GAD7, YBOCS, and Tinnitus Functional Index. He have hands-on experience on advanced neuroimaging technologies including fMRI and EEG in laboratory settings at University of California Davis., and obtained a CITI training certificate in both biological/behavioral training, and MRI training certificate from UC Davis Imaging Research center.