I received my PhD in Mechanical Engineering under the supervision of Professor Ali Mani at Stanford University in June 2019. My dissertation focused on the development of numerical methods for simulation of two-phase flows and application to studying micro-bubble generation. Prior to that, I earned my MS from Stanford University and a BS from Sharif University of Technology, both in Mechanical Engineering.

Academic Appointments

  • Phys Sci Res Assoc, Mechanical Engineering

Professional Education

  • Bachelor of Science, Sharif University of Technology, ME (2011)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

In a general sense, I am interested in fluid mechanics problems involving multiple phases, multiple scales and interaction of multiple physical phenomena. To tackle such problems, I work on developing robust and efficient numerical methodologies with a focus on modularity, adaptability and parallel scalability. Additionally, by leveraging the separation of scales involved in many practical problems, I seek to provide/employ subgrid-scale models, asymptotic methods and machine learning techniques to reduce the cost of direct numerical simulations in laminar and turbulent flows. Topics of current interest to me are:
- Two-phase flows (phase field models, atomization, impact events, thin films, turbulent breaking waves, subgrid-scale modeling, etc.)
- Electrokinetic flows (AC electrokinetics, DBD plasmas, etc.)
- Applied math (asymptotic methods, computational geometry, etc.)
- Machine learning and data science
- High performance computing