I'm a PhD student in the Eco/Evo track in the Biology department at Stanford. I was at UCLA as an undergraduate, where I majored in Computational and Systems Biology and minored in Mathematics, and also completed my MS in Bioinformatics with Prof. Van Savage through the Departmental Scholar Program. I am interested in using theory and experimental techniques to understand evolutionary dynamics, information processing in biological systems, and complexity in biological systems.

Honors & Awards

  • Stanford Graduate Fellowship, Stanford University (2021-2024)

Education & Certifications

  • MS, University of California, Los Angeles, Bioinformatics (2021)
  • BS, University of California, Los Angeles, Computational and Systems Biology (major), and Mathematics (minor) (2021)

All Publications

  • All galls are divided into three or more parts: recursive enumeration of labeled histories for galled trees. Algorithms for molecular biology : AMB Mathur, S., Rosenberg, N. A. 2023; 18 (1): 1


    OBJECTIVE: In mathematical phylogenetics, a labeled rooted binary tree topology can possess any of a number of labeled histories, each of which represents a possible temporal ordering of its coalescences. Labeled histories appear frequently in calculations that describe the combinatorics of phylogenetic trees. Here, we generalize the concept of labeled histories from rooted phylogenetic trees to rooted phylogenetic networks, specifically for the class of rooted phylogenetic networks known as rooted galled trees.RESULTS: Extending a recursive algorithm for enumerating the labeled histories of a labeled tree topology, we present a method to enumerate the labeled histories associated with a labeled rooted galled tree. The method relies on a recursive decomposition by which each gall in a galled tree possesses three or more descendant subtrees. We exhaustively provide the numbers of labeled histories for all small galled trees, finding that each gall reduces the number of labeled histories relative to a specified galled tree that does not contain it.CONCLUSION: The results expand the set of structures for which labeled histories can be enumerated, extending a well-known calculation for phylogenetic trees to a class of phylogenetic networks.

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