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  • Gravitational-wave echoes from spinning exotic compact objects: Numerical waveforms from the Teukolsky equation PHYSICAL REVIEW D Xin, S., Chen, B., Lo, R. L., Sun, L., Han, W., Zhong, X., Srivastava, M., Ma, S., Wang, Q., Chen, Y. 2021; 104 (10)
  • Testing general relativity with x-ray reflection spectroscopy: The Konoplya-Rezzolla-Zhidenko parametrization PHYSICAL REVIEW D Nampalliwar, S., Xin, S., Srivastava, S., Abdikamalov, A. B., Ayzenberg, D., Bambi, C., Dauser, T., Garcia, J. A., Tripathi, A. 2020; 102 (12)
  • Very extreme mass-ratio bursts in the Galaxy and neighbouring galaxies in relation to space-borne detectors MONTHLY NOTICES OF THE ROYAL ASTRONOMICAL SOCIETY Han, W., Zhong, X., Chen, X., Xin, S. 2020; 498 (1): L61-L65
  • The Sloan Digital Sky Survey Reverberation Mapping Project: Accretion and Broad Emission Line Physics from a Hypervariable Quasar ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Dexter, J., Xin, S., Shen, Y., Grier, C. J., Liu, T., Gezari, S., McGreer, I. D., Brandt, W. N., Hall, P. B., Horne, K., Simm, T., Merloni, A., Green, P. J., Vivek, M., Trump, J. R., Homayouni, Y., Peterson, B. M., Schneider, D. P., Kinemuchi, K., Pan, K., Bizyaev, D. 2019; 885 (1)
  • Gravitational waves from extreme-mass-ratio inspirals using general parametrized metrics PHYSICAL REVIEW D Xin, S., Han, W., Yang, S. 2019; 100 (8)