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  • Phys Sci Res Assoc, Mechanical Engineering

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  • Doctor of Philosophy, Institute Of Physics, Chinese academy of Sciences, Theoretical Physics (2016)

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  • Magnetic Weyl Semimetal in K_{2}Mn_{3}(AsO_{4})_{3} with the Minimum Number of Weyl Points. Physical review letters Nie, S., Hashimoto, T., Prinz, F. B. 2022; 128 (17): 176401


    The "hydrogen atom" of magnetic Weyl semimetals, with the minimum number of Weyl points, has received growing attention recently due to the possible presence of Weyl-related phenomena. Here, we report a nontrivial electronic structure of the ferromagnetic alluaudite-type compound K_{2}Mn_{3}(AsO_{4})_{3}. Itexhibits only a pair of Weyl points constrained in the z direction by the twofold rotation symmetry, leading to extremely long Fermi arc surface states. In addition, the study of its low-energy effective model results in the discovery of various topological superconducting states, such as the hydrogen atom of a Weyl superconductor. Our Letter provides a feasible platform to explore the intrinsic properties related to Weyl points, and the related device applications.

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  • Magnetic Semimetals and Quantized Anomalous Hall Effect in EuB_{6}. Physical review letters Nie, S. n., Sun, Y. n., Prinz, F. B., Wang, Z. n., Weng, H. n., Fang, Z. n., Dai, X. n. 2020; 124 (7): 076403


    Exploration of the novel relationship between magnetic order and topological semimetals has received enormous interest in a wide range of both fundamental and applied research. Here we predict that "soft" ferromagnetic material EuB_{6} can achieve multiple topological semimetal phases by simply tuning the direction of the magnetic moment. Explicitly, EuB_{6} is a topological nodal-line semimetal when the moment is aligned along the [001] direction, and it evolves into a Weyl semimetal with three pairs of Weyl points by rotating the moment to the [111] direction. Interestingly, we identify a composite semimetal phase featuring the coexistence of a nodal line and Weyl points with the moment in the [110] direction. Topological surface states and anomalous Hall conductivity, which are sensitive to the magnetic order, have been computed and are expected to be experimentally observable. Large-Chern-number quantum anomalous Hall effect can be realized in its [111]-oriented quantum-well structures.

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  • Topological nodal-line semimetals in ferromagnetic rare-earth-metal monohalides PHYSICAL REVIEW B Nie, S., Weng, H., Prinz, F. B. 2019; 99 (3)
  • Dirac semimetal in type-IV magnetic space groups PHYSICAL REVIEW B Hua, G., Nie, S., Song, Z., Yu, R., Xu, G., Yao, K. 2018; 98 (20)
  • Topological phases in the TaSe3 compound PHYSICAL REVIEW B Nie, S., Xing, L., Jin, R., Xie, W., Wang, Z., Prinz, F. B. 2018; 98 (12)
  • Topological semimetal in honeycomb lattice LnSI PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Nie, S., Xu, G., Prinz, F. B., Zhang, S. 2017; 114: 10596

    View details for DOI 10.1073/pnas.1713261114