Stefan's research interest rests within low-Mach turbulent fluid mechanics methods development for complex systems that drive the coupling of mass, momentum, species and energy transport. His core research resides within the intersection of physics model development, numerical methods research, V&V techniques exploration, and high performance computing and coding methods for low-Mach turbulent flow applications. Dr. Domino also supports the co-teaching of ME469 while continuing his primary career at Sandia National Laboratories.

Select Publications:

* Domino, S. P., Hewson, J., Knaus, R., Hansen, M., "Predicting large-scale pool fire dynamics using an unsteady flamelet- and large-eddy simulation-based model suite", Physics of Fluids, 2021, (Editor's pick: August 4, 2021).

* Domino, S. P., " A case study on pathogen transport, deposition, evaporation and transmission: linking high-fidelity computational fluid dynamics simulations to probability of infection", Int. J. CFD, 2021,

* Domino, S. P., Pierce, F., Hubbard, J., " A multi-physics computational investigation of droplet pathogen transport emanating from synthetic coughs and breathing", Atom. Sprays, 2021,

* Jofre, L., Domino, S. P., Iaacarino, G., " Eigensensitivity analysis of subgrid-scale stresses in large-eddy simulation of a turbulent axisymmetric jet", Int. J. Heat Mass, 2019,

* Domino, S. P., Sakievich, P., Barone, M., " An assessment of atypical mesh topologies for low-Mach large-eddy simulation", Comp. Fluids, 2019,

* Domino, S. P., "Design-order, non-conformal low-Mach fluid algorithms using a hybrid CVFEM/DG approach ", J. Comput. Physics, 2018,

* Jofre, L., Domino, S. P., Iaacarino, G., " A Framework for Characterizing Structural Uncertainty in Large-Eddy Simulation Closures", Flow Turb. Combust., 2018,