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  • Self-Powered High Energy Laser Detectors via Thermoelectric Generators Seymour, M., Yee, S., Nelson, C., Jenkins, B., ElBidweihy, H., Joyce, P., Brownell, C., Mechtel, D., Balaya, P., Dutta, A. K., Xu, S. SPIE-INT SOC OPTICAL ENGINEERING. 2021

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  • Photothermal actuation of levitated pyrolytic graphite revised APL Materials Yee, S., Oney, L., Cosby, T., Durkin, D. P., ElBidweihy, H. 2021; 9

    View details for DOI 10.1063/5.0061390

  • High-energy laser detection through thermoelectric generators OPTICAL ENGINEERING Merkel, J., Yee, S., Nelson, C., Jenkins, R., ElBidweihy, H., Joyce, P., Brownell, C., Mechtel, D. 2020; 59 (11)
  • Autonomous Microrobotic Manipulation Using Visual Servo Control MICROMACHINES Feemster, M., Piepmeier, J. A., Biggs, H., Yee, S., ElBidweihy, H., Firebaugh, S. L. 2020; 11 (2)


    This describes the application of a visual servo control method to the microrobotic manipulation of polymer beads on a two-dimensional fluid interface. A microrobot, actuated through magnetic fields, is utilized to manipulate a non-magnetic polymer bead into a desired position. The controller utilizes multiple modes of robot actuation to address the different stages of the task. A filtering strategy employed in separation mode allows the robot to spiral from the manipuland in a fashion that promotes the manipulation positioning objective. Experiments demonstrate that our multiphase controller can be used to direct a microrobot to position a manipuland to within an average positional error of approximately 8 pixels (64 ┬Ám) over numerous trials.

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  • Optical control and manipulation of diamagnetically levitated pyrolytic graphite AIP ADVANCES Young, J., Biggs, H., Yee, S., ElBidweihy, H. 2019; 9 (12)

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  • Optomechanical Actuation of Diamagnetically Levitated Pyrolytic Graphite IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MAGNETICS Ewall-Wice, M., Yee, S., DeLawder, K., Montgomery, S. R., Joyce, P. J., Brownell, C., ElBidweihy, H. 2019; 55 (7)
  • A Miniature Reconfigurable Circularly Polarized Antenna Using Liquid Microswitches Yee, S., Weinstein, D., Fiering, J., White, D., Duwel, A., IEEE IEEE. 2015
  • Microstrip Antenna Tuning using Variable Reactive Microelectromechanical Systems Yee, S. C., Anderson, C. R., Charles, H. K., Firebaugh, S. L., Mechtel, D. M., IEEE IEEE. 2011: 1828-1833