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  • Optically Induced Anisotropy in Time-Resolved Scattering: Imaging Molecular-Scale Structure and Dynamics in Disordered Media with Experiment and Theory. Physical review letters Montoya-Castillo, A., Chen, M. S., Raj, S. L., Jung, K. A., Kjaer, K. S., Morawietz, T., Gaffney, K. J., van Driel, T. B., Markland, T. E. 2022; 129 (5): 056001


    Time-resolved scattering experiments enable imaging of materials at the molecular scale with femtosecond time resolution. However, in disordered media they provide access to just one radial dimension thus limiting the study of orientational structure and dynamics. Here we introduce a rigorous and practical theoretical framework for predicting and interpreting experiments combining optically induced anisotropy and time-resolved scattering. Using impulsive nuclear Raman and ultrafast x-ray scattering experiments of chloroform and simulations, we demonstrate that this framework can accurately predict and elucidate both the spatial and temporal features of these experiments.

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  • Angstrom-Resolved Interfacial Structure in Buried Organic-Inorganic Junctions PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS Schwartz, C. P., Raj, S. L., Jamnuch, S., Hull, C. J., Miotti, P., Lam, R. K., Nordlund, D., Uzundal, C. B., Das Pemmaraju, C., Mincigrucci, R., Foglia, L., Simoncig, A., Coreno, M., Masciovecchio, C., Giannessi, L., Poletto, L., Principi, E., Zuerch, M., Pascal, T. A., Drisdell, W. S., Saykally, R. J. 2021; 127 (9)