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  • The Sun's Large-Scale Flows I: Measurements of Differential Rotation & Torsional Oscillation SOLAR PHYSICS Mahajan, S. S., Upton, L. A., Antia, H. M., Basu, S., Derosa, M. L., Webber, S., Hoeksema, J., Jain, K., Komm, R. W., Larson, T., Nagovitsyn, Y. A., Pevtsov, A. A., Roudier, T., Tripathy, S. C., Ulrich, R. K., Zhao, J. 2024; 299 (3)
  • Impact of Anomalous Active Regions on the Large-scale Magnetic Field of the Sun ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Pal, S., Bhowmik, P., Mahajan, S. S., Nandy, D. 2023; 953 (1)
  • Removal of Active Region Inflows Reveals a Weak Solar Cycle Scale Trend in the Near-surface Meridional Flow ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Mahajan, S. S., Sun, X., Zhao, J. 2023; 950 (1)
  • Variations in differential rotation and meridional flow within the Sun's surface shear layer 1996-2022 FRONTIERS IN ASTRONOMY AND SPACE SCIENCES Hathaway, D. H., Upton, L. A., Mahajan, S. S. 2022; 9
  • Improved Measurements of the Sun's Meridional Flow and Torsional Oscillation from Correlation Tracking on MDI and HMI Magnetograms ASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL Mahajan, S. S., Hathaway, D. H., Munoz-Jaramillo, A., Martens, P. C. 2021; 917 (2)