Academic Appointments

Administrative Appointments

  • Physical Science Research Scientist, Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University (2016 - Present)
  • Physical Science Research Associate, Dept of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University (2012 - 2016)
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (2010 - 2012)
  • Postdoctoral Scholar, Dept of Energy Resources Engineering, Stanford University (2009 - 2010)
  • Research Assistant, University of Southern California (2003 - 2008)
  • Senior researcher and assistant manager, Samchully city gas corporation (1996 - 2003)

Boards, Advisory Committees, Professional Organizations

  • Member, Society of Petroleum Engineers (2010 - Present)
  • Member, American Geophysical Union (2010 - Present)
  • Journal reviewer, Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering, RSC Advances, Journal of Materials Chemistry A, Chemical Communications, Journal of Nanomaterials (2012 - Present)

Professional Education

  • BS, Inha University, Chemical Engineering (1994)
  • MS, Inha University, Chemical Engineering (1996)
  • Ph.D, University of Southern California, Chemical Engineering (2008)


  • Tae Wook Kim, Yur-hwal Yun, Hae-joong Kim. "South Korea Patent 2003-0045957 Method of making a plastic pipe used by a magnetic substance", Samchully gas corporation and Cosmos Corporation, Nov 6, 0178

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

Current research in Stanford University

I am conducting the improved/enhanced oil recovery process for conventional and unconventional reservoirs. My main interested topicof my research is to maintain oil supply with proper methods depend on the status of oil reservoirs.

Also, geologic sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in oil and gas reservoirs is one option to reduce the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere. In addition, carbon dioxide injection has been used in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) processes since the 1970s; the traditional approach is to reduce the amount of CO2 injected per barrel of oil produced. This minimizes the purchase cost of CO2. For a sequestration process, however, the aim is to maximize both the amount of oil produced and the amount of CO2 stored.

Finally, my continous interested topic are the following;

(1) Visualization for In situ 3 phase fluid flow on porous media

The 3 phase fluid flow on porous media such as rock is a critical topic to investigate the transport phenomena including relative permeabilities. The in situ visualization 3 phase with X-ray CT-scanner through a dual energy technique can provide proper information to conduct this topic.

(2) CO2 separation/sequestration
As a continuing project from my Ph.D research on hydrotalcite (HT) membrane, my aim is to identify the optimal conditions of the synthesis for improving the properties of these membranes and hybrid membranes. Also, I am using LDH (layer double hydroxide) materials to investigate and prepare for the CO2 adsorption process at an elevated temperature. In particular, my research focus is on the CO2 removal from flue gases of power-plants. Regarding as CO2 sequestration in the oil and gas field, the continuous efforts are carried out in the field of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) projects.

(3) Game-changing reverse osmosis membrane for water purification

(4) New conductive membranes for fuel cell system
The continuous efforts for the development of conductive membranes will be accomplished with different inorganic fillers and sulfonated polymers. A candidate for inorganic filler is phosphotungstic acid (PWA) due to its acidity. The cell performance of a fuelcell will test with the selective hybrid conductive membranes at high temperatures around 80 OC.

All Publications

  • Recovery efficiency of a 28 degrees API crude-oil system as a function of voidage replacement ratio JOURNAL OF PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING Kim, T., Vittoratos, E., Kovscek, A. R. 2019; 175: 1063–87
  • The Effect of Voidage-Displacement Ratio on Critical Gas Saturation SPE JOURNAL Kim, T., Kovscek, A. R. 2019; 24 (1): 178–99

    View details for DOI 10.2118/191383-PA

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  • An Experimental Investigation of Viscous-Oil Recovery Efficiency as a Function of Voidage-Replacement Ratio SPE JOURNAL Kim, T. W., VITTORATOS, E., Kovscek, A. R. 2016; 21 (4): 1236-1253
  • Characterization of scalar mixing in dense gaseous jets using X-ray computed tomography EXPERIMENTS IN FLUIDS Dunnmon, J., Sobhani, S., Kim, T. W., Kovscek, A., Ihme, M. 2015; 56 (10)
  • Brine film thicknesses on mica surfaces under geologic CO2 sequestration conditions and controlled capillary pressures WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH Kim, T. W., Tokunaga, T. K., Bargar, J. R., Latimer, M. J., Webb, S. M. 2013; 49 (8): 5071-5076

    View details for DOI 10.1002/wrcr.20404

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  • Capillary pressure and saturation relations for supercritical CO2 and brine in sand: High-pressure P-c(S-w) controller/meter measurements and capillary scaling predictions WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH Tokunaga, T. K., Wan, J., Jung, J., Kim, T. W., Kim, Y., Dong, W. 2013; 49 (8): 4566-4579

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  • Wettability Alteration of a Heavy Oil/Brine/Carbonate System with Temperature ENERGY & FUELS Kim, T. W., Kovscek, A. R. 2013; 27 (6): 2984-2998

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  • Thickness measurements of nanoscale brine films on silica surfaces under geologic CO2 sequestration conditions using synchrotron X-ray fluorescence WATER RESOURCES RESEARCH Kim, T. W., Tokunaga, T. K., Shuman, D. B., Sutton, S. R., Newville, M., Lanzirotti, A. 2012; 48
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