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  • Dynamic Rupture Simulations of Caldera Collapse Earthquakes: Effects of Wave Radiation, Magma Viscosity, and Evidence of Complex Nucleation at Kilauea 2018 JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Wang, T. A., Dunham, E. M., Krenz, L., Abrahams, L. S., Segall, P., Yoder, M. R. 2024; 129 (4)
  • Stress-driven recurrence and precursory moment-rate surge in caldera collapse earthquakes NATURE GEOSCIENCE Segall, P., Matthews, M. V., Shelly, D. R., Wang, T. A., Anderson, K. R. 2024
  • Understanding the drivers of volcano deformation through geodetic model verification and validation BULLETIN OF VOLCANOLOGY Crozier, J., Karlstrom, L., Montgomery-Brown, E., Angarita, M., Cayol, V., Bato, M., Wang, T. A., Grapenthin, R., Shreve, T., Anderson, K., Astort, A., Bodart, O., Cannavo, F., Currenti, G., Dabaghi, F., Erickson, B. A., Garg, D., Head, M., Iozzia, A., Kim, Y., Le Mevel, H., Novoa Lizama, C., Rucker, C., Silverii, F., Trasatti, E., Zhan, Y. 2023; 85 (12)
  • Ring fault creep drives volcano-tectonic seismicity during caldera collapse of Ki over bar lauea in 2018 EARTH AND PLANETARY SCIENCE LETTERS Wang, T. A., Segall, P., Hotovec-Ellis, A. J., Anderson, K. R., Cervelli, P. F. 2023; 618
  • Hindcasting injection-induced aseismic slip and microseismicity at the Cooper Basin Enhanced Geothermal Systems Project. Scientific reports Wang, T. A., Dunham, E. M. 2022; 12 (1): 19481


    There is a growing recognition that subsurface fluid injection can produce not only earthquakes, but also aseismic slip on faults. A major challenge in understanding interactions between injection-related aseismic and seismic slip on faults is identifying aseismic slip on the field scale, given that most monitored fields are only equipped with seismic arrays. We present a modeling workflow for evaluating the possibility of aseismic slip, given observational constraints on the spatial-temporal distribution of microseismicity, injection rate, and wellhead pressure. Our numerical model simultaneously simulates discrete off-fault microseismic events and aseismic slip on a main fault during fluid injection. We apply the workflow to the 2012 Enhanced Geothermal System injection episode at Cooper Basin, Australia, which aimed to stimulate a water-saturated granitic reservoir containing a highly permeable ([Formula: see text] [Formula: see text]) fault zone. We find that aseismic slip likely contributed to half of the total moment release. In addition, fault weakening from pore pressure changes, not elastic stress transfer from aseismic slip, induces the majority of observed microseismic events, given the inferred stress state. We derive a theoretical model to better estimate the time-dependent spatial extent of seismicity triggered by increases in pore pressure. To our knowledge, this is the first time injection-induced aseismic slip in a granitic reservoir has been inferred, suggesting that aseismic slip could be widespread across a range of lithologies.

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  • Could Kilauea's 2020 Post Caldera-Forming Eruption Have Been Anticipated? GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Segall, P., Anderson, K., Wang, T. A. 2022; 49 (15)
  • Physics-Based Model Reconciles Caldera Collapse Induced Static and Dynamic Ground Motion: Application to Kilauea 2018 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Wang, T. A., Coppess, K. R., Segall, P., Dunham, E. M., Ellsworth, W. 2022; 49 (8)
  • Post-2018 Caldera Collapse Re-Inflation Uniquely Constrains Kilauea's Magmatic System JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-SOLID EARTH Wang, T., Zheng, Y., Pulvirenti, F., Segall, P. 2021; 126 (6)
  • Caldera Collapse Geometry Revealed by Near-Field GPS Displacements at Klauea Volcano in 2018 GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH LETTERS Segall, P., Anderson, K. R., Pulvirenti, F., Wang, T., Johanson, I. 2020; 47 (15)