Dr. Hang Pham is a Research Specialist at the School of Medicine’s Department of Surgery (Asian Liver Center). She joined the team in May 2015. She is a medical doctor by training, specialized in quantitative research methodologies, having extensive experiences with data curation, administrative claim data and epidemiological studies. She also leads the community outreach programs to provide testing and education on viral hepatitis B and C, and serves as co-instructors of online training programs (KNOWHBV/HCV) .

Dr. Hang Pham received her Master of Science degree in Reproductive Health Research from London University’s School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (2002) and Medical Doctor degree from Hanoi Medical University (1998). Prior to joining Stanford Asian Liver Center, she worked as Public Health Specialist in HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis at US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (2011-2015), HIV Care and Treatment Program Manager at Pact International (2007-2011), Health Program Manager at ChildFund Australia (2003-2007), and Hanoi School of Public Health (1998-2002). With more than 20 years experiences, she gained extensive experience in public health research (quantitative data analytics, predictive modelling, evidence-based decision making), program management and mentoring skills.

Current Role at Stanford

Research Scientist

Community Outreach Lead