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  • Embedding Azobenzene-Functionalized Carbon Nanotubes into a Polymer Matrix for Stretchable, Composite Solar Thermal Devices JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY C Colburn, T. W., Delmastro, A. C., Figueroa, M., Lopez, F., Cooper, C. B. 2022
  • Machine learning with knowledge constraints for process optimization of open-air perovskite solar cell manufacturing JOULE Liu, Z., Rolston, N., Flick, A. C., Colburn, T. W., Ren, Z., Dauskardt, R. H., Buonassisi, T. 2022; 6 (4): 834-849
  • Perspectives of Open-Air Processing to Enable Perovskite Solar Cell Manufacturing FRONTIERS IN ENERGY RESEARCH Rolston, N., Sleugh, A., Chen, J. P., Zhao, O., Colburn, T. W., Flick, A. C., Dauskardt, R. H. 2021; 9