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  • Ultracompact and multifunctional integrated photonic platform. Science advances Du, Z., Liao, K., Dai, T., Wang, Y., Gao, J., Huang, H., Qi, H., Li, Y., Wang, X., Su, X., Wang, X., Yang, Y., Lu, C., Hu, X., Gong, Q. 2024; 10 (25): eadm7569


    Realizing a multifunctional integrated photonic platform is one of the goals for future optical information processing, which usually requires large size to realize due to multiple integration challenges. Here, we realize a multifunctional integrated photonic platform with ultracompact footprint based on inverse design. The photonic platform is compact with 86 inverse designed-fixed couplers and 91 phase shifters. The footprint of each coupler is 4 mum by 2 mum, while the whole photonic platform is 3 mm by 0.2 mm-one order of magnitude smaller than previous designs. One-dimensional Floquet Su-Schrieffer-Heeger model and Aubry-Andre-Harper model are performed with measured fidelities of 97.90 (±0.52) % and 99.34 (±0.44) %, respectively. We also demonstrate a handwritten digits classification task with the test accuracy of 87% using on-chip training. Moreover, the scalability of this platform has been proved by demonstrating more complex computing tasks. This work provides an effective method to realize an ultrasmall integrated photonic platform.

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  • Graphene/silicon heterojunction for reconfigurable phase-relevant activation function in coherent optical neural networks. Nature communications Zhong, C., Liao, K., Dai, T., Wei, M., Ma, H., Wu, J., Zhang, Z., Ye, Y., Luo, Y., Chen, Z., Jian, J., Sun, C., Tang, B., Zhang, P., Liu, R., Li, J., Yang, J., Li, L., Liu, K., Hu, X., Lin, H. 2023; 14 (1): 6939


    Optical neural networks (ONNs) herald a new era in information and communication technologies and have implemented various intelligent applications. In an ONN, the activation function (AF) is a crucial component determining the network performances and on-chip AF devices are still in development. Here, we first demonstrate on-chip reconfigurable AF devices with phase activation fulfilled by dual-functional graphene/silicon (Gra/Si) heterojunctions. With optical modulation and detection in one device, time delays are shorter, energy consumption is lower, reconfigurability is higher and the device footprint is smaller than other on-chip AF strategies. The experimental modulation voltage (power) of our Gra/Si heterojunction achieves as low as 1V (0.5mW), superior to many pure silicon counterparts. In the photodetection aspect, a high responsivity of over 200mA/W is realized. Special nonlinear functions generated are fed into a complex-valued ONN to challenge handwritten letters and image recognition tasks, showing improved accuracy and potential of high-efficient, all-component-integration on-chip ONN. Our results offer new insights for on-chip ONN devices and pave the way to high-performance integrated optoelectronic computing circuits.

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  • Integrated Photonic Neural Networks: Opportunities and ACS PHOTONICS Liao, K., Dai, T., Yan, Q., Hu, X., Gong, Q. 2023; 10 (7): 2001-2010
  • Snapshot Mueller spectropolarimeter imager. Microsystems & nanoengineering Dai, T., Phan, T., Wang, E. W., Kwon, S., Son, J., Lee, M., Fan, J. A. 2023; 9: 125


    We introduce an imaging system that can simultaneously record complete Mueller polarization responses for a set of wavelength channels in a single image capture. The division-of-focal-plane concept combines a multiplexed illumination scheme based on Fourier optics together with an integrated telescopic light-field imaging system. Polarization-resolved imaging is achieved using broadband nanostructured plasmonic polarizers as functional pinhole apertures. The recording of polarization and wavelength information on the image sensor is highly interpretable. We also develop a calibration approach based on a customized neural network architecture that can produce calibrated measurements in real-time. As a proof-of-concept demonstration, we use our calibrated system to accurately reconstruct a thin film thickness map from a four-inch wafer. We anticipate that our concept will have utility in metrology, machine vision, computational imaging, and optical computing platforms.

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  • Matrix eigenvalue solver based on reconfigurable photonic neural network NANOPHOTONICS Liao, K., Li, C., Dai, T., Zhong, C., Lin, H., Hu, X., Gong, Q. 2022; 11 (17): 4089-4099