Skilled in managing a wide range of projects. Multilingual, comfortable in multinational environments. Technologically savvy and highly motivated in completing tough projects with excellent customer service. Drawing inspiration from a background in data analytic, active market communications, non-profit administrations, sales and international operations.

Current Role at Stanford

IT Operations Analyst

As an IT Operations Analyst at our organization, I play a vital role in optimizing our digital work environment and ensuring an exceptional user experience for both internal teams and external clients. My core duties involve analyzing user needs, documenting policies, and developing business requirements to enhance the efficiency of our systems. Additionally, I manage licensing for various platforms and handle invoicing paperwork to ensure budget compliance.

In terms of key responsibilities, I oversee digital collaboration tools such as Slack and Asana, implementing communication guidelines and norms while also onboarding new team members. Furthermore, I serve as the Data Custodian for Salesforce, ensuring data integrity and accessibility while managing report folders. Additionally, I develop organization protocols for Google Drive and oversee license management for platforms like NovoEd, Sparkhire, and DocuSign.

My role extends to collaborating with design teams to enhance educational platforms' user interface and experience. I also oversee network websites and FAQs to ensure user-friendliness and value. Additionally, I support projects related to AI implementation and facilitate efficient communication through a staff-facing chatbot.

Education & Certifications

  • Master of Science, Northwestern University, Information Systems, Analytics and Business Intelligence Specialization (2016)
  • Bachelor of Science, University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Economics and Policy, Forestry and Natural Resource Management (2005)