Tracy H. Schloemer earned her B.S. in chemistry and M.A. in educational studies from the University of Michigan. She taught high school chemistry in Denver, Colorado as a Knowles Teaching Initiative fellow and served as a lead contributor to ChemEdX. She earned her Ph.D. in applied chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines in 2019 where she focused on organic semiconductor design for improved operational durability of perovskite solar cells under professor Alan Sellinger and in collaboration with the National Renewable Energy Lab. Her current research focuses on the control and application of excitons in the Congreve Lab. Her interests outside the lab include hiking and cheering on University of Michigan “sportsball”.

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  • The Molybdenum Oxide Interface Limits the High-Temperature Operational Stability of Unencapsulated Perovskite Solar Cells ACS ENERGY LETTERS Schloemer, T. H., Raiford, J. A., Gehan, T. S., Moot, T., Nanayakkara, S., Harvey, S. P., Bramante, R. C., Dunfield, S., Louks, A. E., Maughan, A. E., Bliss, L., McGehee, M. D., van Hest, M. M., Reese, M. O., Bent, S. F., Berry, J. J., Luther, J. M., Sellinger, A. 2020; 5 (7): 2349–60
  • CsI-Antisolvent Adduct Formation in All-Inorganic Metal Halide Perovskites ADVANCED ENERGY MATERIALS Moot, T., Marshall, A. R., Wheeler, L. M., Habisreutinger, S. N., Schloemer, T. H., Boyd, C. C., Dikova, D. R., Pach, G. F., Hazarika, A., McGehee, M. D., Snaith, H. J., Luther, J. M. 2020