Vivian Brates is originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina, where she attended the University of Buenos Aires. She holds an MA from Georgetown University in Latin American studies with a focus on economic development, as well as an MA from UC Santa Barbara in Spanish and Latin American literature. She worked for several years as an international consultant in Washington DC in roles such as human rights observer (with the United Nations/OAS International Civilian Mission in Haiti), elections monitor (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Guatemala), advocate, and lobbyist. A Spanish instructor at Stanford at all levels since 2005, she has volunteered for the International Red Cross, and more recently for the Prison University Program teaching Spanish at San Quentin Prison, the International Institute of the Bay Area preparing immigrants for the US citizenship exam, and the CARA Project helping detained mothers and children in the border prepare for the asylum process. She is currently focused on teaching and developing Spanish classes with a community engaged learning component. Her work in community engaged learning has been awarded both by Stanford's Haas Center for Public Policy and the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.

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