Xiao Ge is a researcher in Center for Design Research, Mechanical Engineering and Psychology Departments.

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+ Postdoc in Psychology, Stanford, 2021/12 - 2022/12
+ PhD in Design Science, Mech Engineering, Stanford, 2016 - 2022/01
+ M.S. in Design Methodology, Mech Engineering, Stanford, 2010 - 2012
+ B.Eng. in Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, 2006 - 2010

Xiao Ge worked as an Innovation consultant to develop, launch and run systematic human-centered innovation programs in industry (2012 - 2015). During her PhD (2016-2022), she adopted theories and methods from social psychology, cultural psychology and learning sciences to understand how engineers learn new ways of thinking and doing to engender enduring creative behaviors. Her dissertation work investigated the constructive role of emotion in the learning process of design. In recent years, Xiao has also been investigating how culture underpins the processes of creativity, as well as how people's interactions with artificial intelligence technologies are socioculturally constructed.