A seasoned entrepreneur and senior executive with multiple start-up enterprises in Silicon Valley and China. As co-founder, vp engineering, CTO of Easyway Company Limited, design and implement a Chinese high-speed rail passenger transit service system. As a founding team member, start-up EPIN Technologies, Inc., ServGate Technologies, Inc., NetScreen Technologies, Inc. between 1996 ~ 2006.
Research fellow and deputy director, center for high-speed rail technology (CHRT), Tsinghua University. Managed R&D projects for China's high-speed rail system since 2006; Initiated “Introduction for High-Speed Rail Technologies” class at California State University, Bakersfield.
Venture partner of TEEC Angel Fund in Palo Alto. General partner of TSVC fund.
BSEE, MSEE, Lecturer/Assistant Professor at Tsinghua University following with visiting scholar at University of California San Diego during 1980 ~ 1993. First prize winner of Rail Technologies Awards by China Railway Society.