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  • CCAAT enhancer binding protein gamma (C/EBP-gamma): An understudied transcription factor. Advances in biological regulation Renfro, Z., White, B. E., Stephens, K. E. 2022; 84: 100861


    The CCAAT enhancer binding protein (C/EBP) family of transcription factors are important transcriptional mediators of a wide range of physiologic processes. C/EBP-gamma is the shortest C/EBP protein and lacks a canonical activation domain for the recruitment of transcriptional machinery. Despite its ubiquitous expression and ability to dimerize with other C/EBP proteins, C/EBP-gamma has been studied far less than other C/EBP proteins, and, to our knowledge, no review of its functions has been written. This review seeks to integrate the current knowledge about C/EBP-gamma and its physiologic roles, especially in cell proliferation, the integrated stress response, oncogenesis, hematopoietic and nervous system development, and metabolism, as well as to identify areas for future research.

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