Education & Certifications

  • MS, University of Tehran, Civil Engineering (2018)

Current Research and Scholarly Interests

I work on advanced numerical methods that harness the massive parallelism of GPUs, i.e., real-time computer chips originally developed for graphics rendering, to overcome computational bottlenecks in structural simulations, specifically in the real-time hybrid simulation (RTHS) of tall buildings in order to enable more realistic and faster simulations. I use graphics processors, for the first time, to accelerate RTHS to enable higher-fidelity "on-the-fly" simulation of civil structures.

Work Experience

  • Civil Engineer, University of Tehran (March 10, 2018 - June 30, 2018)

    I assessed and rehabilitated buildings damaged under Sarpol-e Zahab Earthquake (7.3 M). Kermanshah, Iran.



  • Civil Engineer, University of Tehran (March 15, 2019 - May 15, 2019)

    I revised factors of Rapid Visual Screening (RVS) of common types of lateral load resisting systems of low- to medium-rise rehabilitated concrete and steel building in the performance limit state of collapse.



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