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  • Cardiovascular fluid dynamics: a journey through our circulation FLOW Menon, K., Hu, Z., Marsden, A. L. 2024; 4

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  • Computational approaches for mechanobiology in cardiovascular development and diseases. Current topics in developmental biology Brown, A. L., Sexton, Z. A., Hu, Z., Yang, W., Marsden, A. L. 2024; 156: 19-50


    The cardiovascular development in vertebrates evolves in response to genetic and mechanical cues. The dynamic interplay among mechanics, cell biology, and anatomy continually shapes the hydraulic networks, characterized by complex, non-linear changes in anatomical structure and blood flow dynamics. To better understand this interplay, a diverse set of molecular and computational tools has been used to comprehensively study cardiovascular mechanobiology. With the continual advancement of computational capacity and numerical techniques, cardiovascular simulation is increasingly vital in both basic science research for understanding developmental mechanisms and disease etiologies, as well as in clinical studies aimed at enhancing treatment outcomes. This review provides an overview of computational cardiovascular modeling. Beginning with the fundamental concepts of computational cardiovascular modeling, it navigates through the applications of computational modeling in investigating mechanobiology during cardiac development. Second, the article illustrates the utility of computational hemodynamic modeling in the context of treatment planning for congenital heart diseases. It then delves into the predictive potential of computational models for elucidating tissue growth and remodeling processes. In closing, we outline prevailing challenges and future prospects, underscoring the transformative impact of computational cardiovascular modeling in reshaping cardiovascular science and clinical practice.

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  • A modular framework for implicit 3D-0D coupling in cardiac mechanics COMPUTER METHODS IN APPLIED MECHANICS AND ENGINEERING Brown, A. L., Salvador, M., Shi, L., Pfaller, M. R., Hu, Z., Harold, K. E., Hsiai, T., Vedula, V., Marsden, A. L. 2024; 421