Stanford Advisors

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  • Bird-inspired robotics principles as a framework for developing smart aerospace materials JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS Hoffmann, K. W., Chen, T. G., Cutkosky, M. R., Lentink, D. 2023
  • Aerial Grasping and the Velocity Sufficiency Region IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Chen, T. G., Hoffmann, K. W., Low, J., Nagami, K., Lentink, D., Cutkosky, M. R. 2022; 7 (4): 10009-10016
  • Testing Gecko-Inspired Adhesives with Astrobee Aboard the International Space Station: Readying the Technology for Space IEEE ROBOTICS & AUTOMATION MAGAZINE Chen, T. G., Cauligi, A., Suresh, S., Pavone, M., Cutkosky, M. 2022
  • Underactuated Gecko Adhesive Gripper for Simple and Versatile Grasp Hirano, D., Tanishima, N., Bylard, A., Chen, T. G., IEEE IEEE. 2020: 8964-8969
  • Active Sensing for Measuring Contact of Thin Film Gecko-Inspired Adhesives IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS Tae Myung Huh, Liu, C., Hashizume, J., Chen, T. G., Suresh, S. A., Chang, F., Cutkosky, M. R. 2018; 3 (4): 3263–70