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  • B.Sc., Saint Petersburg Polytechnic University, Physics (2017)

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  • Linkage equilibrium between rare mutations. bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology Lyulina, A. S., Liu, Z., Good, B. H. 2024


    Recombination breaks down genetic linkage by reshuffling existing variants onto new genetic backgrounds. These dynamics are traditionally quantified by examining the correlations between alleles, and how they decay as a function of the recombination rate. However, the magnitudes of these correlations are strongly influenced by other evolutionary forces like natural selection and genetic drift, making it difficult to tease out the effects of recombination. Here we introduce a theoretical framework for analyzing an alternative family of statistics that measure the homoplasy produced by recombination. We derive analytical expressions that predict how these statistics depend on the rates of recombination and recurrent mutation, the strength of negative selection and genetic drift, and the present-day frequencies of the mutant alleles. We find that the degree of homoplasy can strongly depend on this frequency scale, which reflects the underlying timescales over which these mutations occurred. We show how these scaling properties can be used to isolate the effects of recombination, and discuss their implications for the rates of horizontal gene transfer in bacteria.

    View details for DOI 10.1101/2024.03.28.587282

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  • Electroporation of asymmetric phospholipid membranes. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B Gurtovenko, A. A., Lyulina, A. S. 2014; 118 (33): 9909–9918

    View details for DOI 10.1021/jp5028355