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  • Imaging of joint response to exercise with MRI and PET. Skeletal radiology Watkins, L. E., Goyal, A., Gatti, A. A., Kogan, F. 2023


    Imaging of the joint in response to loading stress may provide additional measures of joint structure and function beyond conventional, static imaging studies. Exercise such as running, stair climbing, and squatting allows evaluation of the joint response to larger loading forces than during weight bearing. Quantitative MRI (qMRI) may assess properties of cartilage and meniscus hydration and organization in vivo that have been investigated to assess the functional response of these tissues to physiological stress. [18F]sodium fluoride ([18F]NaF) interrogates areas of newly mineralizing bone and provides an opportunity to study bone physiology, including perfusion and mineralization rate, as a measure of joint loading stress. In this review article, methods utilizing quantitative MRI, PET, and hybrid PET-MRI systems for assessment of the joint response to loading from exercise in vivo are examined. Both methodology and results of various studies performed are outlined and discussed. Lastly, the technical considerations, challenges, and future opportunities for these approaches are addressed.

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