Honors & Awards

  • Scholarship- Cheves, EA, University of Arizona (2019)
  • Scholarship- Trejo, Dr. Arnulfo, University of Arizona (2019)
  • Scholarship- Maxwell, Margaret, University of Arizona (2020)
  • Programme in support of Priority Programme Areas, UNESCO (2007)

Education & Certifications

  • Certificate, Library Juice Academy, Library Leadership and Management (2021)
  • Masters, University of Arizona, Library and Information Science (2020)
  • Ph.D., Ankara University, Social Sciences Institute, Turkey, Communication-Journalism (2007)

Professional Affiliations and Activities

  • Founder, Chair, MELA Social Justice Committee (2020 - 2022)
  • Member, Middle East Studies Association (MESA) (2021 - Present)
  • Member, MELA Social Justice Committee (2022 - Present)

All Publications

  • Opposition in the Press: in the Context of Liberalism, Nationalism and Kemalism in the Transition Process from the Ottoman Empire to the Nation-State Kurtulus Kayali’ya Armagan Tezcan, A. Doğu Batı Yayınları. 2017
  • The Tuberculosis Epidemic in Istanbul and Anatolia during the World War I Bilgi ve Bellek Tezcan, A. 2006
  • International Symposium on Women in 1935 Toplumsal Tarih Tezcan, A. 2004