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  • Xavier Warnes

    Xavier Warnes

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Business

    BioI am a Postdoctoral Scholar affiliated with both the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where I work with Dan Iancu and Erica Plambeck. I completed my Ph.D. in 2021 at the Stanford Graduate School of Business (OIT-group), advised by Dan Iancu and Yonatan Gur.
    My research combines theoretical modeling and data-driven optimization to solve problems on sustainability and fairness. In particular, my current work focuses on designing fair and efficient mechanisms for reducing tropical deforestation and increasing farmer welfare in agricultural supply chains.

  • Morgan Weaving

    Morgan Weaving

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Business

    BioMorgan is a postdoctoral researcher, working with Dr. Michele Gelfand on research relating to culture, norms, diversity, and stigma at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

    Morgan obtained her PhD in social psychology at the University of Melbourne, where she explored the behaviours and psychological processes that reinforce hierarchical gender relations. More broadly, Morgan is interested in how social norms are transmitted over time, vary across cultures, and affect social inequalities.

  • Salomon Wollenstein Betech

    Salomon Wollenstein Betech

    Postdoctoral Scholar, Business

    BioI am a Postdoctoral Scholar at Stanford, GSB working with Kostas Bimpikis and Yonatan Gur on topics related to transportation markets, supply chains and inventory management. Prior to my postdoc position, I received my Ph.D. in Systems Engineering (2022) at Boston University (advised by Christos G. Cassandras and Ioannis Ch. Paschalidis) and I have held industry-research positions at Amazon, IBM, Tubi and PROS.

    My research focuses on understanding and improving the operations of transportation markets, mobility-on-demand platforms, and smart cities using empirics and network optimization methods. More broadly, I am interested in developing methods to inform public policy to address operational societal problems related to sustainability, health, and transportation.