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  • May Farid

    May Farid

    Visting Scholar, GSE Faculty Affairs
    Affiliate, Loyalka, Prashant's Program

    BioDr. May Farid is a political scientist studying civil society, policy and development in contemporary China and beyond.

    I currently research education policy in China as a Visiting Scholar at the University of Stanford's Graduate School of Education. I am a Lecturer in the Department of Social Work and Social Administration at the University of Hong Kong and hold a doctorate (DPhil) from the University of Oxford, where I explored reciprocal engagement between grassroots groups and governmental authorities and during which she carried out extensive fieldwork in rural China. My academic research and teaching is supplemented by seven years of experience with an international foundation running an institutional capacity building program for grassroots NGOs in China. Before joining HKU, I concluded a four-year research project on behalf of China’s leading government policy think-tank.

    My research centers on the interplay between citizen initiatives and state policy and practice, and the implications of this dynamic for development and governance. Ordinary citizens are increasingly taking individual and collective initiative to address development challenges. Citizens of authoritarian regimes--and many democracies--struggle to have a voice in development and policy. How do citizen initiatives impact state policy and practice? What social and political dynamics foster citizen engagement?

    I have explored these questions by studying how Chinese grassroots NGOs influence policy, how cross-sector knowledge communities generate knowledge that intersects with the policy process, education and development policy in China's ethnic minority regions, and how International NGOs intermediate China's overseas aid and investment and in its Belt and Road Initiative. My work has been published in International Affairs, World Development, Studies in Comparative Development, Voluntas, and the Journal of Chinese Political Science.

  • Philip Andrew Fisher

    Philip Andrew Fisher

    Professor of Education

    BioDr. Philip Fisher is a Professor in the Graduate School of Education at Stanford. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Center on the Developing Child and a member of the National Scientific Council on the Developing Child, both based at Harvard University. His research, which has been continuously funded by the National Institutes of Health since 1999, focuses on developing and evaluating scalable early childhood interventions in communities, and on translating scientific knowledge regarding healthy development under conditions of adversity for use in social policy and programs. He is particularly interested in the effects of early stressful experiences on children's neurobiological and psychological development, and in prevention and treatment programs for improving children's functioning in areas such as relationships with caregivers and peers, social-emotional development, and academic achievement. He is currently the lead investigator in the ongoing RAPID-EC project, a national survey on the well-being of households with young children during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr. Fisher is also interested in the brain's plasticity in the context of therapeutic interventions. He is the developer of a number of widely implemented evidence-based interventions for supporting healthy child development in the context of social and economic adversity, including Treatment Foster Care Oregon for Preschoolers (TFCO-P), Kids in Transition to School (KITS), and Filming Interactions to Nurture Development (FIND). He has published over 200 scientific papers in peer reviewed journals. He is the recipient of the 2012 Society for Prevention Research Translational Science Award, and a 2019 Fellow of the American Psychological Society.

  • Karin Forssell

    Karin Forssell

    Senior Lecturer of Education

    BioDr. Karin Forssell is the director of the Learning Design and Technology (LDT) master's program and senior lecturer at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Dr. Forssell also directs the GSE Makery, a Stanford maker space where students and faculty learn to make, and make to learn. In her courses, students learn to use research from the learning sciences and learning-centered design processes to create effective digital tools. Her current interests include maker space education, teacher technology adoption, and parenting in a digital world.

    Dr. Forssell draws insights from her many years of concurrent work as a teacher on special assignment for technology in the Palo Alto Unified School District. Dr. Forssell earned her bachelor's degree in linguistics, master's degree in education, and doctorate in learning sciences and technology design at Stanford University.