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  • Lauren Abrahams

    Lauren Abrahams

    Ph.D. Student in Geophysics
    DEI student coordinator, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsThe most destructive tsunamis are generated by earthquakes, posing hazard to coastlines around the world. Open questions about these events are, how are they generated, what parameters will cause the most destructive waves, and how do we interpret existing seafloor data to create tsunami and earthquake early warning? To answer these questions, computer simulations (modeling) have been an effective method to study past events and assess a region's potential hazard. Many modelers use an approximate approach for modeling how earthquakes generate tsunamis, but recent events have shown assumptions in these approaches do not hold in all cases. Since these models do not fully describe the physics, they are less effective in predicting future hazards.

    A more rigorous full-physics method has been developed by a previous group member that does not approximate tsunami generation, creating a more realistic model of earth/ocean interactions. This full-physics method has only been developed in 2D; however, a 3D model is needed to allow for comparison to real-world data. In collaboration with the University of Munich, I am currently incorporating the full-physics method into the open-source 3D earthquake software. This software will be the first 3D full-physics model for earthquake tsunamigenesis, providing greater insight into tsunami physics and valuable information for tsunami early warning.

    In addition to my thesis work, I have focused on two other projects to study hazards. I have completed my starter project studying frictional effects on earthquake behavior and completed my second project working with the US Geological Survey on improving ground motion prediction equations used in the earthquake early warning systems.

  • Barbara Buell

    Barbara Buell

    Associate Dean, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    Current Role at StanfordAssociate Dean, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
    Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences

  • Zachary Burton

    Zachary Burton

    Affiliate, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences

    BioI completed my Ph.D. with Dr. Stephan Graham in Geological & Environmental Sciences in 2020. While at Stanford, I worked with the U.S. Department of Energy National Energy Technology Laboratory, the New Zealand Institute for Geological and Nuclear Sciences (GNS Science), Precourt Institute for Energy, and the SETI Institute and NASA Astrobiology Institute. I spent time in internships with a Fortune 500 E&P company, a California-based E&P firm, and Stanford Graduate School of Business. My research interests span the impact of climate change on ocean and sedimentary systems, organic and inorganic geochemistry, methane hydrates, and terrestrial analogues for the conditions found on Mars. My research has been published in Science Advances, Geophysical Research Letters, Energy & Fuels, International Journal of Earth Sciences, and Energies, and has been featured by ABC, CNN, MSN, Daily Mail, Yahoo, Popular Science, Live Science, New Scientist, Space, Universe Today, Austria Presse Agentur, Europa Press, Prensa Latina, Navbharat Times,,, and over 100 others. I've written for The Professional Geologist and UN Office for Outer Space Affairs, and have been invited to speak for TEDx, Vail Global Energy Forum, U.S. Department of State, Cleantech Open at PG&E Energy Center, University of Houston (HOGS), AGU, GSA, LPSC, Sigma Xi, and others. I volunteer my time as board member to the Northeastern Section of the American Chemical Society and to the Society for Space Education, Research, and Development (a STEM NGO in India), and as Associate Editor to the American Institute of Professional Geologists.

    Outside of research, I work to disrupt the stigma surrounding mental illness through The Manic Monologues, a play I co-created that showcases diverse true stories of mental health and illness. The play premiered at Stanford in May 2019 to standing ovations each night before being performed live to sold-out audiences in Des Moines, Iowa in Nov. 2019 and in Los Angeles (UCLA) in Feb. 2020. The play has been adapted for the virtual realm both as a film developed with a 50-hospital healthcare system (and screened for California Hospital Association, Stanford Medicine, AdventHealth, NAMI SF, and others) and as virtual productions and performances by McCarter Theatre Center (in partnership with Princeton University, The 24 Hour Plays, One Mind, and others), Prince George's Community College in Maryland, Virtual Theater Lab in Arizona, and others. The Manic Monologues was selected as an official Nominee for the 2021 Drama League Awards (the oldest theatrical honors in America), won the 2020 Cloris Awards, and has been featured by The Washington Post, NPR, NY1, The New York Times, Fast Company, Broadway World, Playbill, Psychology Today, Modern Healthcare, Stanford News, and many more. My writing related to mental health has been published by Devex, International Bipolar Foundation, and United for Global Mental Health, and I've been invited to speak for TEDx, California Hospital Association, Stanford School of Medicine, McCarter Theatre/Princeton University, CIIS, UCLA, UCSF, SFSU, ZSFG, and many others. Additionally, I spend time as board member to the Coalition for Action for Preventive Mental Health in Kenya, Columbia-WHO Center for Global Mental Health, batyr, The Adversity 2 Advocacy Alliance, and Generation Mental Health , and in the past served on the advisory council of actress Glenn Close’s mental health nonprofit Bring Change to Mind.

    I also founded and led the Stanford Earth Distinguished Alumni Lecture Series, founded Stanford's Energy Policy Community, and founded Vines & Strata (the Stanford wine and geology society), hosting over 35 events for 1000+ members of the community. In the past, I taught for USDOD in Germany, worked on an organic goat cheese farm in Chile, and dabbled in "science poetry" featured in The Wall Street Journal.