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  • Chris Ford

    Chris Ford

    Ph.D. Student in Mechanical Engineering, admitted Autumn 2013
    Ph.D. Minor, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    BioChris is a design professional, design educator, and design researcher in the fields of Architecture and Infrastructure design. He engages our imminently urban future through design-actionable research of the built environment from a user-centered perspective.

    As a design professional, Chris has worked in the offices of Richard Meier & Partners (New York), Rick Joy Architects (Tucson) and Rob Paulus Architects (Tucson). Projects assisted or managed include residential (single and multi-family), commercial and infrastructural typologies. Chris is a licensed architect in the State of North Carolina.

    As a design educator, Chris is a former lecturer in the Architecture program at the University of Arizona, and is a former Associate Professor of Architecture (with tenure) in the College of Architecture at the University of Nebraska. He regularly taught undergraduate and graduate design studios including the NAAB Comprehensive Project, elective courses in Design Methodology and Modern Craft, and advised Design Thesis. In Spring 2013, Chris coordinated the "London | 2013" Program where his funded research prompted coursework titled Hybridized Urban Infrastructures.

    Chris is a PhD Candidate in the Mechanical Engineering Design Group at Stanford University. During this time, he was also the 2016-2019 Hamamoto Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellow. He is advised by the founding Director of the Center for Design Research, Professor Larry Leifer, PhD. As a research coordinator for the Urban Futures initiative, Chris applies Design Thinking to demonstrated problems in the built environment including housing, lifeline systems, and urban resilience.

    Chris is a co-founding Editorial Board member for Technology | Architecture + Design (TAD Journal), a new peer-review scholarly journal published by the ACSA and printed by Taylor & Francis. He has served as Associate Editor for the issues Viral, Simulations, Open and Measured, and currently serves as Issue Editor for Urbanizing.

    To guarantee exposure to the practices of multiple design disciplines, Chris maintains memberships with SPUR, ACSA, AIA, ASME, and the ASCE, where he additionally serves on the national Infrastructure Resilience Division - Emerging Technology Committee.