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  • Leonardo Antonio Rischmoller Delgado

    Leonardo Antonio Rischmoller Delgado

    Adjunct Lecturer, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    BioI deeply care for my wife, my children, my students, my colleagues and my professional partners. And one of my big goals in life is to create environments in which they can thrive.

    My career has an unusually good synthesis of 29 years of academic and practical professional experience, a rare combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience gained working in international environments advocating and leading management and technological change in Engineering and Construction projects and organizations around the world. My professional and academic peers recognize me as a visionary thinker having an excellent record as an academic and as a very talented engineer and manager. My theoretical work has always been grounded by my practical experiences in engineering offices and in the construction field.

    During my first ten years as Civil Engineer I worked in different projects and countries. I then moved for ten years to a full time academic work where I spent ten years teaching, researching and doing consultant work for companies and projects around the world.

    My research has been always innovative and conceptually rigorous leading the way to positive changes in conventional practice. This is particularly outstanding in the area of construction projects where traditional practices are very difficult to change. My research has been recognized as combining a talented vision of the industry with a strong theoretical framework that I have greatly contributed to develop. The findings from my doctoral research are still leading-edge insights today.

  • Justin S. Rogers

    Justin S. Rogers

    Research Oceanographer, Civil and Environmental Engineering
    Staff, Civil and Environmental Engineering

    BioI am a research oceanographer and civil engineer. My research focus is on the impact of climate change in ocean, estuarine, and riverine environments through model development. I specifically focus on the effects of climate change on physical-ecological coupling and coastal urban infrastructure, as well as development of core model functions. Some research interests of mine are internal waves, bottom boundary layers, flood risk assessment, tropical cyclone induced flooding, sea level rise, coral reef hydrodynamics and the coupling of physics and biological processes.

    I leverage the power of cloud computing, HPC systems and modern code frameworks, and adapt multiple analysis methods including dynamical models, machine learning, statistical methods, and field observations.