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  • William Abraham Tarpeh

    William Abraham Tarpeh

    Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, by courtesy, of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Center Fellow, by courtesy, at the Woods Institute for the Environment

    BioReimagining liquid waste streams as resources can lead to recovery of valuable products and more efficient, less costly approaches to reducing harmful discharges to the environment. Pollutants in effluent streams can be captured and used as valuable inputs to other processes. For example, municipal wastewater contains resources like energy, water, nutrients, and metals. The Tarpeh Lab develops and evaluates novel approaches to resource recovery from “waste” waters at several synergistic scales: molecular mechanisms of chemical transport and transformation; novel unit processes that increase resource efficiency; and systems-level assessments that identify optimization opportunities. We employ understanding of electrochemistry, separations, thermodynamics, kinetics, and reactor design to preferentially recover resources from waste. We leverage these molecular-scale insights to increase the sustainability of engineered processes in terms of energy, environmental impact, and cost.

  • Jeffrey B. Tok

    Jeffrey B. Tok

    Laboratory Director, Chemical Engineering


    The University of Washington, Seattle, WA, B.Sc. (Chemistry & Biochemistry), 1989-1992
    The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, Ph.D. (Bioorganic Chemistry), 1992-1996
    Harvard University, Boston, MA, Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Bioorganic Chemistry), 1997-1999

    Work Experience:

    Assistant Professor, City University of New York, York College and Graduate Center, 1999-2003
    Associate Professor, City University of New York, York College and Graduate Center, 2003-2004
    Principal Scientist (Indefinite), Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, 2004-2008
    Chief BioScientist, Micropoint Bioscience Inc, 2008-2010
    Senior Research Engineer/Scientist, Stanford University, 2010-present
    Director, Uytengsu Teaching Center, Shriram Center, 2015-present
    Manager, Soft & Hybrid Materials Shared Facility, Stanford Nano Shared Facility, 2010-present
    Manager & Instructor, Dept of Chemical Engineering Teaching Lab, 2010-present

    Research Activities (via 'Google Scholar'):