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  • Maha Yusuf

    Maha Yusuf

    Ph.D. Student in Chemical Engineering, admitted Autumn 2015

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsImage contrast is often a limitation in traditional X-ray imaging. My research brings together optics, X-ray physics, microfluidics, chemistry and computer science to develop a high-resolution, fast detection X-ray imaging microscopy system that will lead to advances in both the medical diagnostics, and energy sector.

    An important application of this research is early-stage breast cancer diagnosis. Constituting one of every 4 cancers, breast cancer causes substantial cancer mortalities amongst women globally. Targeted towards early breast cancer diagnosis and treatment, the system will provide enhanced soft-tissue contrast for improved diagnostic accuracy at reduced radiation doses than currently needed by traditional X-ray imaging. Another application is in geophysics. Aimed at a better understanding of fundamental mechanisms in multiphase flow, the system will contribute to processes of global environmental significance such as carbon capture and CO2 storage.