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  • Marguerite DeLiema

    Marguerite DeLiema

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Psychology

    BioI am a postdoctoral researcher at the Stanford Center on Longevity in the Financial Security Division. Prior to Stanford I received a Ph.D. in Gerontology from University of Southern California (USC) School of Gerontology and a B.S. in biological psychology from UCLA. As a gerontologist trained in multidisciplinary research, I define successful aging as maintaining physical and mental functioning, cultivating meaningful social relationships, and being financially secure throughout the life course. An important component of financial security is avoiding financial abuse and fraud in older age, yet financial victimization of seniors results in billions of dollars in losses each year. Victims also suffer from depression, shame, shattered relationships, and financial ruin.

    My work focuses on identifying the demographic, psychological, social, and contextual factors related to financial victimization, and identifying the prevalence and cost of financial fraud in the US. At USC, I conducted research on elder abuse and neglect in community settings, and the tactics scam artists use to deceive older victims. In addition to my work on fraud and financial abuse, I have published studies on how older adults from different racial/ethnic backgrounds define elder abuse and how mandatory reporters and adult protective services workers perceive elder abuse response. My career objective is to generate and test novel interventions that protect older adults from financial victimization, in addition to understanding the factors that make some people vulnerable to scams and fraud.

  • Mattia Di Mauro

    Mattia Di Mauro

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Physics

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsI am interested on the indirect detection of Dark Matter with positrons, electrons and gamma rays.
    The indirect search of Dark Matter is promising once the astrophysical emission of these particle are well known. Therefore, an important part of my interest is focused on the modeling of gamma-ray emission from Active Galactic Nuclei and pulsars and on the positron and electron emission from Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Supernova Remnants.

  • Felipe Antonio Dias

    Felipe Antonio Dias

    Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Sociology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsCurrently, I am engaged in three major research projects. At Stanford, I am working with Dr. David Pedulla on a research project which seeks to examine the organizational determinants of hiring discrimination. In my second research project, which is based on my dissertation research, I use field experimental methods to examine the processes underlying racial and gender stratification in the labor market in Brazil. One article from this research has recently won the 2017 Distinguished Graduate Student Paper Award from the ASA Section on Race, Gender, and Class (draft available upon request). In my third major research project, I use large-scale observational data to examine the links between ecological contexts and minority victimization (draft available upon request). In my previous research, I constructed a comparative-historical analysis to examine how socioeconomic and political forces shaped discourses around race and labor in Brazil in the 19th century (published in Comparative Sociology).