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  • Dzuong Nguyen

    Dzuong Nguyen


    BioProf. Dzuong Nguyen was a graduate from the Law School, University of Saigon, South Vietnam. While in college, Mr. Nguyen served as an Admin. Assistant at the US Agency for International Development (US AID) in Saigon.

    During the wartime, he served as an Air Police Lieutenant in the South Vietnamese Air Force.

    After the fall of Saigon in 1975, he was left behind and ended up spending 5 years in the so-called “re-education” camps under the new Communist regime. Dzuong Nguyen managed to escape from the camp and fled by boat to Thailand in 1980. He was resettled in America in Aug. 1980.

    Two years after being resettled in America, Mr. Nguyen earned his Master’s degree in Education from the University of San Francisco and started his career by teaching English as a Second Language and Math at Galileo High School, San Francisco.

    Currently, Mr. Nguyen is teaching Vietnamese Grammar and Literature at Stanford University, De Anza College and College of Alameda.

    In addition to the role being a language instructor, Mr. Nguyen strongly advocates for Human Rights, Democracy and Freedom for Vietnam.

    For the last 30 years, Mr. Nguyen has been deeply involved and elected into many chairmanship functions within the Vietnamese community in the Bay Area.

    Dzuong Nguyen has received hundreds of recognition and awards from the government, media, and the community, including:
    “Profile of Excellence” award from ABC Channel 7 San Francisco,
    “The Most Effective Community Leader” from California Gov. Pete Wilson,
    “Minority Small Business Advocate of the Year” from (Federal) Small Business Administration (SBA)
    And many more…

    For the last ten years, Mr. Nguyen has always been evaluated and rated highest on the scale of performance by his students. He has a great affection for his students and in the same token, his students greatly respect Mr. Nguyen's inspirational and motivational spirit. Mr. Nguyen's students are benefited from his teaching, not only for language skills but also for a broader knowledge of cultural aspects and history.

  • Paul Nissler

    Paul Nissler


    BioPaul grew up in a German-heritage family outside of Madison,Wisconsin. He attended UW-Madison for his undergraduate studies and did his doctoral work at the Pennsylvania State University. He has spent extensive time, studying, researching, working, and engaging professionally, across the span of the German-speaking world.

    In the Fall of 2005, Paul came to Stanford as a Lecturer, teaching both Spanish and German for numerous years. Since 2009 he has additionally served as the German Language Coordinator.

    Dr. Nissler completed ACTFL OPI training in both Spanish and German and has been certified as an oral and written proficiency tester in German since 2010.

    He is also active in the local Bay area German community. He has engaged with local German-schools and previously served as the AATG Testing Chair (currently committee member) and is the current President of the Northern California Chapter of the AATG.

    Paul publishes and presents at academic conferences, both nationally and internationally. He is very enthusiastic about teaching and language learning.