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  • Imon Banerjee

    Imon Banerjee

    Basic Life Science Research Scientist, Biomedical Data Science-Administration

    BioImon Banerjee is currently working as a Research Scientist at the Biomedical Data Science Dept. Starting from 2016, she was a Post-doctoral scholar in the Laboratory of Quantitative Imaging at Stanford university. She received her Ph.D. from The University of Genova, Italy in 2016. During her Ph.D., she received Marie Curie European fellowship and worked as an early-stage researcher at The Institute for Applied Mathematics and Information Technologies, National Research Council, Italy. During her Ph.D., she developed novel techniques for building patient-specific 3D computational models. She completed her Master thesis in The European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), Geneva. Her research is focused on developing unstructured data analysis and big data mining techniques to support clinical diagnosis and treatment.

  • Carlos Bustamante

    Carlos Bustamante

    Professor of Biomedical Data Science, of Genetics and, by courtesy, of Biology

    Current Research and Scholarly InterestsMy research focuses on analyzing genome wide patterns of variation within and between species to address fundamental questions in biology, anthropology, and medicine. My group works on a variety of organisms and model systems ranging from humans and other primates to domesticated plant and animals. Much of our research is at the interface of computational biology, mathematical genetics, and evolutionary genomics.